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What personal data do we collect and why we do so


If you submit a comment on our website, we collect the data which is available in the form as well as your IP address and browser signature to help us detect spam content.

An anonymised string of characters generated from your e-mail address (called a hash) can be sent to Gravatar service to check if you’re it’s registered user. Gravatar privacy policy is available at After your comment is approved, your profile picture becomes visible along with your comment.


If you are a registered user and you upload pictures, you should avoid uploading EXIF geo-tagged pictures. Other website users can download them and read the localization data from them.

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When you leave a comment on our website, you can choose to store your username, e-mail address and website address in the cookie files, which will cause the above data to be automatically filled in when writing further comments. These cookies have a one-year expiry date.

If you have an account on our website and log in, we will create a temporary cookie that will check if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie doesn’t contain any personal data and will be deleted after you close your browser.

When you log in, we create additional cookies needed to register your login info and display preferences. The login cookie expires after two days while the display cookie expires after one year. If you enable “Remember me”, you will stay logged in for two weeks. The login cookie is deleted immediately after you log out.

When you publish or modify an article, an additional cookie is stored in your browser. This cookie doesn’t contain any personal data and only proxies the identifier of the article you’ve just edited. It will expire after 1 day.

Embedded content from other websites

Articles published on this website can contain embedded content (like video clips, pictures, article snippets etc.). Embedded content from other websites acts as if the user visited the source website directly.

These websites can gather your data, use cookies, attach additional, external monitoring systems and monitor your interactions with the embedded content, including you interactions with it when you have an account within their services and are currently logged in while interacting.

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How long do we keep your data

If you leave a comment on our website, it’s content and meta-data will be kept for a time undisclosed. This way we’re capable of identifying and approving comments automatically, without the necessity of moderating each one of them separately.

We also keep personal data disclosed in the profiles of users who are registered on our website. Each user can view, modify or delete their personal data at any moment with the exception of the username, which is permanent. Website administrators can also view and modify these data.

What are your rights considering your data

If you have a registered account or you’ve posted a comment on our website, you can demand to be sent a file with an exported list of your personal data stored by us, including data you provided yourself. You can also request us to delete all your personal data stored by us. This, however, does not include any data we are obliged to keep for safety, administration and legal reasons.

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Guest comments may be a subject of automatic anti-spam detection mechanism.

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