About us

Mariusz Lewandowski and Jakub Suchorski – production industry innovators developing new technologies of cardboard packaging and marketing products. LMPAK consequently gains vantage over its competition supplying its clients with required solutions.

Small-scale and large-scale cardboard packaging, standard hue (gray) or colorized through flexography or offset printing, stretch wrap and stamps, adhesive tapes and dispensers – these are just a few examples of products in our catalogue.

Additionally, our clients can choose from a range of products like bubble wraps, polyethylene foam, two-ply cardboard, fastening tapes, EUR-pallets and raisers, string bags, plastic bags, honeycomb paper pallets, standard and center-folded plastic films, silent tapes, vinyl tapes, double-sided tapes, paper tapes and other personalized projects with custom-made prints.

All our products are produced in an ultra-modern machine park compliant with European norms. We work according to the implemented production system, which allows us to quickly and swiftly fulfill our clients’ orders.

Our services

For years we’ve been gaining lead over our competition in packaging industry – our main advantage being the versatility and vast range of produced packaging. We offer to design your desired packaging from scratch, create a sample product to confirm it’s form and produce your custom-made packaging.

Trust The Experts. We are doing it right.


Multi-purpose cardboard packaging, produced and distributed according to our clients’ needs. Small and large scale.

Adhesive tapes

Wide assortment of extra-durable tapes, double-sided tapes, paper tapes, vinyl tapes, silent tapes and personalized tapes.

Stretch wrap

Transparent stretch wraps for ideal fit and perfect protection.

Polyethylene foam

Products designed to perfectly dampen sound. Low mass – high mechanical durability. Perfect parameters.


Single-use wooden industrial products with a wide range of use. Perfect for storage purposes.


Producing and distributing plastic bags, perfect for packaging and storing any type of wares. Durable and capacious.

Why should you consider our products?

Our offer consists of high-quality products which stand out thanks to:

  • interesting design
  • durability
  • Innovative production methods
  • competitive prices
  • quick order fulfillment


Contact us

We are available to your disposition. Contact our team of experts – call us, mail us or visit us for a coffee, and we’ll accomplish what you need.

ul. Stargardzka 60,
72-100 Goleniów
VAT ID: 856-165-38-50
Production Address:
ul. Metalowa 1 ,
72-100 Goleniów
Mariusz Lewandowski
508 336 596
Jakub Suchorski
575 616 165
Opening hours:
8:00 – 16:00
Warehouse work time:
6:00 – 16:00
Unloading and loading:
7:00 – 15:00